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Trojan Fan Extras

Welcome to Trojan Fan Extras!

This is the spot for all your game day enhancements and Trojan spirit wear.  Check out all we have to offer below! We're looking forward to seeing you on Friday nights in style and comfort.  

Spirit Wear

The online store is closed, but may re-open after school starts.  In the meantime, check out our selections at the Spirit Wear table or on GO DAY. 


Our online Spirit Wear store is open until July 10th and offers a wide variety of styles and price ranges to get you decked out for the 2024 season.  Of course we have designs representing the football team, but there are also some great general school spirit items as well! 


^^^^Click here when you're ready to order^^^^

Bundle with a Sports Pass and Save!

Add an All Sports Pass to your Reserved Seat or Trojan House membership for only $50 per pass.  The pass allows you into every Lassiter home sporting event for the 2024/2025 season.  If you plan to come to all of our games, the pass will easily pay for itself!

Reserved Seat + Sports Pass - $100

Trojan House Membership + Sports Pass - $175

Super Fan - Reserved Seat+ Trojan House+ Sports Pass - $200

Reserved Seating

Reserved seating is the block of seats on the 50 yard line, and rumor has it we're getting all new seats for the 2024 season (date TBD). 

We've decided we want to pack the house and are selling seats for only $50!  This is more than half off previous seasons.  Buy some seats with your friends, and cheer on the Trojans together in comfort.  (Seat assignments will be first come, first choice and coordinated via email with our Trojan Fan Extra Chairperson.

**Reserved Seats will also be sold on game day for $10 at the concession stand**

Email our Trojan Fan Extra Coordinator to claim your seats after payment

Trojan House

Come enjoy the best view of Friday night lights!  The Trojan house offers a delicious meal provided by local restaurants, a view of the entire Lutzie field from our newly refurbished balcony, clean bathrooms, and best of all, air conditioning!  You can enjoy all 5 Varsity home games as a Trojan House member for only $125 per person.

**Trojan House entry will also be sold on game day for $25 at the concession stand**